Adding Schema Markup to your pages

Adding Schema Markup to your pages

The JSON-LD Format

The Schema Markup Builder provides you with the structured data in JSON-LD format, Google's preferred format for adding structured data to your pages.

JSON-LD is an incredibly easy format to implement.

This is because
  1. it can be placed ANYWHERE on your page - Within the <head> OR the <body> section of the HTML. 
  2. It does not show up to end users since it is added as a <script> tag in the HTML. Its only visible to search engines

Adding the Schema Markup to your Page

Within your Content Management System (Wordpress or similar),
  1. Find the page for which you built the Schema markup
  2. Open the page in Edit mode
  3. Switch to the HTML view of the page
  4. Copy and paste the JSON-LD in any spot on the page - taking care not to break any existing HTML elements on the page
While Implementing JSON-LD Schema Markup on your pages is easy, if you're unfamiliar with HTML pages, it is is HIGHLY recommended you get a person familiar with the basics to make the changes for you.

Important Things to Note about Schema Markup Implementation

  1. Make sure you add the Schema Markup on the page for which it was generated
  2. Make sure that all the Required Elements and as many of the Recommended elements are filled in as possible
  3. Make sure that the elements in the Markup are also present on the page - This is easy to ensure if you have used the point and click interface to pick out the elements from the page itself vs manually entering in values.
  4. Make sure that you test and validate against the Google Structured Data testing tool (Schema Builder has a direct link when you select to View the generated code)

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