Schema Builder Chrome Extension Getting Started Guide

Getting Started Guide

Getting started is easy!

Step 1
Install the plug-in from the Chrome Webstore - Schema Builder

Step 2
Navigate to the page you'd like to add Schema on and launch the plugin

Step 3
Choose the type of structured data to build from the list of options

Step 4 
The count of Required, Recommended and Optional fields for the selected Schema type are displayed across the top and highlighted next to each field in the form

Step 5
Use one of the selectors next to each Structured data field to specify the data

Pointer Icon - Use the pointer to point and click at the element on the page that contains the value for that field. The selected element will highlight in Yellow. You can adjust the selection before saving.

Edit Icon
You can manually specify values by using the Edit option

Image icon
Specifically used for selecting from available images on the page

URL Icon
Specifically used to pick up the current URL and input that into the relevant field

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