Introduction to Schema Builder

Introduction to Schema Builder

What is Schema Builder?

Schema Builder is a Chrome extension that allows you to add structured data to any webpage quickly, easily, and correctly without any schema knowledge.

There are many defined types of structured data. Each schema type has many different elements and sub-elements that are hard to understand and decipher from reading's website and the original schema definition.

We have made it easy by providing the most popular Schema types that Google cares about and bringing together all the elements, marking which ones are essential, recommended, or optional in a simple plugin.

What are the key features?

The Schema Builder plugin has the following unique features:

Support for Multiple Schema Types

As of version 0.21, the schema builder plugin supports the following schema types:
  1. Local Business
  2. Product
  3. Review
  4. FAQ Page
  5. Aggregate Rating
The user can select any schema type according to their requirements.

Guided Step-by-Step Form

The schema builder plugin displays the count of required, recommended, and optional elements for each schema type. The red, yellow, or grey color in front of the element indicates that it is marked as required, recommended, or optional. Once the element is populated, its count gets reduced, and its color changes to green. Green indicates that the element is valid.

Multiple Input Methods

The schema builder plugin allows the user to input data for each element using various methods. The user can select the schema from the webpage using point and click interface. In some elements, the user needs to enter the static value manually, while there is a special selector for generating multiple reviews and auto selector for URL.

Schema Testing

The schema builder plugin allows the user to perform schema testing on google.

Perfectly Formatted JSON-LD

The schema builder plugin eliminates the need for manual coding. This plugin allows the user to provide input to all the schema elements. It then automatically generates the perfectly formatted JSON-LD. The user can directly copy the JSON-LD and paste it into the webpage.

Advanced Functionality

The schema builder plugin also has the following advanced functionalities:

Picking Up Multiple Elements

In FAQs and Product schema types, certain elements are repeated multiple times. The schema builder plugin helps users to insert or update such elements on their webpage.

For instance, if the user wants to generate multiple reviews. Rather than entering manually, he can use the plugin (i.e., auto-generate multiple review option) to automatically detect and pick up multiple reviews from the web page.

String Transformations

Certain elements that need to be specified are not clearly mentioned on the web page.

For instance, the user wants to pick up the rating count (i.e., 35 reviews) from the web page and save it on the schema builder plugin. However, the plugin will display an error while saving because the string consists of both numbers and text, whereas the rating count element allows saving numbers only. To solve this issue, the user can use the advanced string transformation feature to transform the string. This feature has four options - remove numbers, remove text, remove specific text, and custom. Based on the requirement, the user can select any option and transform the string.

In this case, the user wants only numbers, so he will select remove text, or remove specific text. Selecting any of the two options will provide the same result. Selecting remove text option will automatically remove text from the string whereas selecting the remove specific text option, the user will have to mention the text that is to be removed. Once the string is transformed, it can be saved.

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